super love leigh.

I have a confession to make: I read a lot of blogs.  And of almost all the blogs I read, the author of the blog probably has no idea I read their words, or even any idea who I am.  Except Leigh of Very LoveLeigh.

I started reading Leigh's blog about four months ago when I was pining for some Michigan love in Chicago life. I think I probably just googled "Michigan blog" and through another blog, Leigh popped into my life.  I reveled in her awesome Polyvore creations, her super positive attitude about teaching and her generally lovely outlook on her surrounding world--she was a like a little dose of sunshine in a cloudy Chicago winter.  And so, I continued to quietly read her blog. And she had no idea....until a few weeks ago. 

Fast forward 4 months. I found myself thinking of how I could market my photography to a larger audience and it came to mind that Leigh might be just the person to help.  I fired off an email, promising I wasn't a weird stalker, and to my delight, she got right back to me--excited to help with a promotion/giveaway!  We decided to meet up in Ann Arbor to discuss details and, naturally, for a few shots with her husband.  

What a great couple these two are--both are teachers, he middle school Science, she middle school English.  We talked teaching (those pesky Common Core Standards!), social media (ie how to ensure students dont' stalk us) and the details of the blog giveaway.  It's an AWESOME deal--check it out at below:

If you win, you get your choice of:

--50% off wedding photography package (that's a savings of $875!)
--25% off family, couples or party photography package.
--10% off baby or kid photography package.

Wow! How do I enter this amazing contest?! Starting on MONDAY AUGUST 20, doing ANY of the following will enter you into the contest.  You can do all of these things, if you want, but only one will get you into the contest.

* "Like" Emily Alt Photography on Facebook or follow @ealtphotography on Twitter.
* Mention the contest while commenting on a photo by Emily Alt Photography on Facebook.
* Commenting on FB or Twitter of what you would like to win and why (Wedding on a budget? Baby shoot with grandma?).
* Tweet or retweet @ealtphotography on Twitter.
* Pin a photo from EmilyAlt10 on Pinterest.
* Referring a friend or family member to any social media for Emily Alt Photography.
* Send a direct email to to enter.

Contest runs from August 20--August 27

How awesome is that? Super amazing deals on photos, plus a really cool new blog to read? Can't get much better!  Now, remember, those of you with itchy trigger fingers, it doesn't begin until Monday, so don't enter quite yet--but come Monday, I hope to see a lot of you vying for this chance to win some great stuff!  In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of Ms. Leigh and her Mr.