Mary & Bert. Journeyman Distillery. Michigan Wedding Photographer.

When clients turn quickly to friends, magic happens. Such was the case with Mary and Bert and Ian and myself. 

They  rented out the Elephant Walk resort in Union Pier, Michigan for their entire families and wedding party (and us!)—this adorable historic inn was the perfect spot for getting ready and partying late into the night pre and post-ceremony.  The ceremony and reception took place at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oakes, Michigan and it was a fantastic choice—lots of beautiful natural light plus craft cocktails—this was one happy photographer. 

Mary and Bert opted not to see one another before the ceremony, but I was able to spend the morning with Mary and her girls getting dressed—her BHLDN dress was about the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi and, combined with a mixture of vintage and new jewelry, it was a show-stopping moment when she was all ready to walk down the aisle.  But that didn’t stop her from engaging a quick game of croquet with her friends and family on the lawn before we left for the ceremony site.

With Ian officiating the wedding, Mary and Bert personalized their vows and intent and also added a knot tying to their ceremony (this was actually fairly hilarious as they both seemed to forget how to tie the knot at the moment, despite having practiced many times before, plus immediately following their knot tying, Ian, following the script of the ceremony said, “The Fisherman’s Knot is the simplest type of knot to tie, but one of the most difficult to break.” Lots of laughter. 

What made the day especially emotional was that Mary had lost one of her dearest friends, Colie, very suddenly earlier in the year—Colie was going to be one of her bridesmaids and was deeply missed on the night of the wedding.  Her two daughters, though, played the role of flower girls and it was especially beautiful to watch Mary with them throughout the night—always checking to make sure they were having a good time, hugging them, having them help her get dressed—I definitely choked up a few times. 

The evening progressed with a pizza food truck, craft cocktails, a donut bar and ended with a fantastic dance party.  Very rare is it that I put my camera away and then go back to get it again—that happened this night. There were just too many moments I didn’t want to miss (including Ian in an all out battle with a very confident female dancer….I sort of think she beat him, just sayin’).  Mary and Bert…you are so lovely. We cannot wait to see your marriage grow and become even more insanely awesome. Xoxo times a million and back.

--Emily and Ian


Resort: Elephant Walk Resort.  Union Pier, Michigan.

Rehearsal Dinner: Red Arrow Roadhouse. Union Pier, Michigan.

Ceremony and Reception: Journeyman Distillery. Three Oakes, Michigan.

Mary’s dresses: BHLDN

Mary’s earrings: BHLDN

Mary’s veil: BHLDN "Paris"

Bert's outfit: Old Navy

Groomsmen's outfits: Old Navy

Caterer: Woodfellas Pizza Truck and CK Catering

Alcohol: Journeyman Distillery

Hair and Makeup: MAK Salon, Sawyer, MI

Donuts: Hello Donuts! New Buffalo, Michigan.

Florist: Bride and wedding party with bulk flowers from Mariano's

Flower girl crowns: Little Traveler, Geneva, Illinois

Ring bearer outfit: Old Navy

Rings: Stanley Brown of Chicago, Macy's, GV Jewelry

Officiant: Ian DeGraaf

Flower Girl Dresses: Old Navy