Ashleigh and Bob. Mackinaw City Pure Michigan Wedding.

When Ashleigh and Bob got in touch with me to shoot their wedding, I was already booked on the prior Friday Iowa.  And their wedding was going to be at the The Headlands Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City on Saturday night.  

This felt difficult.  But I really, really, really wanted to shoot their wedding--it sounded amazing and they were a wonderful partnership.  I could make this work!

So after much research and plane ticket navigation, I figured out a way and let me say that I am SO glad I did.  It might have involved an all night drive from Chicago in a Dodge Charger, but by goodness, I was going to get to Northern Michigan for this celebration!

Ashleigh and Bob met at Kalamazoo College while on the swim team and while they live in Alaska now (where Ashleigh is a teacher and Bob is doing really fancy sounding research regarding fjords and ice and seals), they both love Northern Michigan.  This celebration was just perfect--casual, laid back, relaxed, and lots of support and help from family and friends.  Not only did they ship in the Alaskan salmon and reindeer sausage they served, but they also caught the fish! Ashleigh also made ALL the wedding cakes and desserts with some help from friends.  

One of the most emotional aspects of this wedding was the ceremony.  Bob's father had very recently passed away and while they whole family came together to celebrate this marriage, his loss was definitely present.  As Bob and Ashleigh exchanged vows and words of support, a male loon landed on the bay right near the ceremony site and sat there throughout the entire evening.  Bob's uncle was convince that this was his brother, come back to check out the wedding and make his presence known (tears, I know!).

As the night progressed, we celebrated into the cool Northern Michigan evening, enjoying dancing, craft beer and just genuinely wonderful people.  Congratulations Bob and Ashleigh--we are so grateful to have been apart of your day!

Venue: The Headlands; Mackinaw City, MI  Catering: Family and friends // Band: ipod DJ // Rings: Brent andJess // Shoes: Tom's Flowers:  Bride and friends // Photography: Emily Alt Photography