What I Wore: Chicago Summer Wedding

I'm sure this does not  interest many of you, but finding an appropriate outfit to shoot a wedding in....well, it's difficult.  Here's why:

1) You are lugging around 10-20 pounds of gear for 5+ hours at a time.  You are walking between 2-3 miles over the course of the night and chasing after flowerchildren, errant grooms and wandering bridesmaids--you're moving a LOT.  Uncomfortable shoes--ain't going to happen.  Flats are a must. But they must be cute flats. That won't give you plantars facitis. 

2) Summer weddings require a skirt or dress.  Pants are just too hot (sorry Ian).  But the dress must be long enough that you aren't showing off your hoo ha each time you crouch for a shot of the kids.  Dress must also be lightweight, but not see through. 

3) Big jewelry--isn't going to work.  You're constantly pulling camera bodies on and off, so huge earrings that will get caught in a strap or a necklace that will scratch your LCD, also not working here. 

4) You've got to look nice. The couple is with you ALL DAY LONG. They don't want to hang out with someone who looks like they just climbed out of bed.  The parents need to trust you.  You're kind of a big deal.  

I think I've finally found a great wedding outfit--the dress below is from Anthropologie and is currently on sale.  It doesn't make me look pregnant (I'm not) and it isn't see through--and it's long enough. The flats are from Banana Republic, super comfortable.  The jewelry is cute, but understated and the bag, though I don't own it yet, I threw in for good measure as it is my DREAM bag and I hope to add it to my life soon--the Union Street from Ona.