Chloe and Michael. Arizona Arboretum Wedding.

Chloe sent me an email about photographing her wedding about a year ago.  Her email used the phrase "My fingers are shaking as I write this" and I remember reading her email and saying out loud, "Oh girl.  It's on."  

She was getting married in Arizona to her fiance, Michael.  Chloe was studying social justice, Michael was in school for becoming a secondary English teacher, they loved The West Wing and dogs and asked a lot of questions about Tasha which were really nice and sweet--so, duh.  Ian and I knew we had to shoot this wedding and let me just say that I'm so glad we did. We drove the Airstream from New Orleans to Superior to capture this last month and it was radical. 

These two. So great. So in love. So nice. 

Thank you Chloe and Michael for allowing us to celebrate in your gorgeous location and your awesome love.

Also, a side note of pride--there were not any sun filters, sun flares or sun adjustments used in this editing...the sunlight was just that beautiful.  

Ceremony and Venue: Boyce Thompson Arboreatum, Superior, AZ

Officiated by: Ellie Meyer (bride's best friend!)

Chloe's dress: Paloma Blanco

Michael's suit: Brooks Brother

Rings:  Michelle Kim Designs (Chloe and Michael's good friends)

Michael's shoes: Rush

Florals: Gathered and arranged by Chlo and her friends earlier in the morning 

Caterer: Short Leash Hot Dogs (Photographer's note: so much more than hot dogs)

Donuts: Bosa Donuts, Phoenix, AZ