Happy Holidays and Blog Vacation.

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When I was a teacher, I would wait in anticipation for winter break--that much needed 14 day respite from students and planning and non-stop work and late nights and constantly being "on"--those 2 weeks were just enough to get through the cold winter months and recharge for the second semester.  

As a photographer, though, I don't get a break--which is totally fine, but I have to be honest that I am burning the candle at both ends.  Between non-stop travel and moving for the past 7 weeks to shooting 6 weddings, staying up til all hours editing and trying to continue booking for 2014, and dealing with Tasha who broke her leg (!) and had to have surgery a couple days ago, I'm one tired and bordering on burnt out little lady.  

So, I will be taking a short, short vacation from blogging and editing in an effort to recharge, refocus and refuel.  I am so excited for many things that 2014 will bring--I have so many weddings and couples booked that I absolutely cannot wait to shoot, and lots of other fun plans in the mix too that I've been keeping under wraps, but for a few days, I need to be quiet, to sit still, cook, obsess over Gossip Girl, spend time with friends and family and take a few hours snowshoeing in the woods rather than staring at a computer screen.  

The blog is on vacation starting today until January 2!  Thank you for your continued support and reading and I'll see you in a bit!