Pop Ups for 2015?


Ok--in the past few weeks I have been getting a LOT of questions about if and when and how and where and WILL we offer Pop Ups for 2015.  

And at this point the answer is....I don't know. 

I love the Pop Ups, I love everything it stands for (low stress wedding, not going broke before you even say your vows, small and intimate settings, being surrounded by only THE most important folks in your life, the list goes on and on) and I love the couples who book them.

But I am also just not sure if they are in demand enough (for example, we have 1 spot left for New Orleans on March 23 and 2 spots left for Traverse City in July...why are these not BOOKED?), and they are so.much.work (read: fun work...but work, yes).  

So for all of you out there who have asked--just stay tuned. I hope to have a better feel for our offerings around early August.  I promise.

AND, if you are still interested in a Pop Up, PLEASE use the form below to sign up for one of the remaining spots!  Need convincing? Read what a Pop Up couple wrote me in an email last week:

WE WANT IT ALLBABY!!!  Can we do it all??  Will you let us?  We’ll do whatever you’ll let us do.  We’re so high on this wedding, we can hardly stand it.  Charge us by the hour or a flat rate.  It’s totally up to you.  We…love…you.  You’re making our dream come true.  Our friends and family are so excited for this day and it wouldn’t be happening without you, so we’re totally indebted to you.  Seriously, we’ll take what we can get and just tell us if you want hourly or flat rate.  We’re full of love and think you’re totally worth it.  

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