40 Days of Yoga?


So, being honest, one of the most difficult parts about moving away from a city like Chicago has been adjusting to missing things that had, for the past 7 years, felt very routine and expected.  It was easy to go to the Asian grocery and buy fresh papaya, it was easy to find high quality ground coffee, it was easy to buy a great tamale on the street for $1 (My OG), it was easy to wander into a giant textile mall and find all that old 1930s tapestry fabric on sale for only $.50 a yard--all of those little parts about living in a city quickly become something you just assume will always be there.  


One of these such benefits was my yoga studio Om on the Range.  A hot yoga studio with reasonably priced classes, on my way home from school and fabulous teachers?  Seriously...if you live in Chicago and you're not currently going to Om, get there now. Trust me, you will not regret this.  At any rate, Om is amazing and when we decided we were moving Ian and I had a fairly lengthy conversation about how we would say goodbye to Om and how we would continue our fairly serious yoga practice.  

Now, I can't speak for Ian, but I've figured it out.  


4 days ago  I was getting ready for my morning and had a flash of a memory from earlier in the summer at the studio, hearing one of the teachers reference the Om on the Range podcast series--so I grabbed my laptop, found my way to the iTunes store, and there they were--15 podcasts from Om on the Range!  15 podcasts for FREE taught by my very favorite teachers.  It. Changed. My. Life.  I immediately fired up a 60 minute Vinyasa flow with Terry and as his South side accent filtered into the porch of the Grand Haven cottage, I was transported back to my mat in the quiet and peaceful Om studio.  Since I've been practicing with Om for 7 years, it was just like I was there--I didn't need to wonder about poses or try to figure out what he meant--it was all just instinctive. And it felt so good.   

So then I started thinking about this meditation program that Om has put out, and thus part of the reason for the podcasts, called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  This is a series of yoga combined with dietary adjustments and meditation that the studio encourages their students to take part in--I believe they run it once a year--and I've never had the willpower to do it, but this morning, after my 4th morning in a row of practicing with my Om podcasts, I'm thinking that it might be a great way to refocus myself with the beginning of September.  Anyone out there interested in joining me? Leave a comment and maybe we can do it together! Until then, I'll be on my mat first thing tomorrow morning (even before coffee, if you can believe that!).