BRRR + Lake Tahoe in June = Monday.

O.M. G.

It's cold.  Brrrrr.....

So, anyway, I'm working on another blog post today and kept seeing images from this amazing wedding pop up in Lightroom and I couldn't resist republishing Emily and Sam's amazing Lake Tahoe wedding from June.  I seriously get tears in my eyes when I think of this wedding and looking through the pictures reminds me of what an amazing friend Emily is as well as what an amazing love story she and Sam share.  Hopefully it brings you a smile (and a bit of that June warmth!) too on this freezing, frozen, frigid blustery Midwestern day!


I think I am finally ready to blog about this wedding--let me start off by saying that this was the wedding of a dear, dear, dear friend of mine from my childhood/high school days--you know that friend who like always was there for you no matter what...the one who always tells you if you look stupid in an outfit or if you are totally opining over a guy who is just not worth it?  That's Emily--we were inseparable from about 1996 to 1999--Champ and Champ is how we were known.   

So, when Champ 1 (Emily) got in touch with Champ 2 (me) last summer about photographing her wedding near Lake Tahoe where she and her fiance, Sam currently live, I literally was foaming at the mouth to ensure we were able to do so--I blocked off days from my CPS teaching calendar in like....September to make sure we didn't miss this wedding.  And I am SO glad I did--this wedding was unreal.  Champ and Sam thought of everything--they had rented a beautiful lodge near Kirkwood, CA for their family and friends to stay in prior to the wedding--the Hideout, located about an hour from Lake Tahoe, was the site for the ceremony and the reception (trust me, no one was in any hurry to go anywhere else).  The intimate gathering was only about 100 of their closest friends and family (another reason Ian and I felt so honored to be capturing the day) and though rain threatened to move the entire shebang inside, at the last minute, it dried out enough for Emily to walk down the grass aisle with her dad.  The ceremony was a traditional Native American ceremony with a real shaman officiating.  The reception was only a short walk from the ceremony site and boasted some of the best wedding food and drink we've had in a long time (ok, maybe ever).  What made this day so much better though was the fact that we got to hang out with Emily and Sam and relive some of those wonderful moments we all miss so much from our younger days.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, that Emily and Ian were in a ska band together in high school.  So that was pretty awesome....especially when we taught the bridesmaids to skank.   

Thank you SO much Emily and Sam for such an amazing experience in Lake Tahoe! We miss you both already!