Amy + Making Nice = Friday Announcements

Phew, vacation really throws me off--


First, I didn't realize that I haven't posted about Making Nice in the Midwest, which is a fabulous lifestyle blog that my friend Amy (more about her in a second) turned me onto earlier this year.  The girl that runs it, Mandi, is awesome--she blogs all about her life in Ohio (which I know might sound like it's not fun, but trust me, it is)--she also has a great eye for design, photography and life and it's all documented like a rock star. 

We chatted about doing a shout out about the Pop Ups, and she posted her lovely post this week--it looks great!  Check it out for sure and follow Mandi too--she knows a thing or two about a well curated life! 

Second announcement--a new partnership!  I have a stylist for the Pop Ups and she is fabulous.  I met Amy at a wedding we shot this summer (the wedding above in Glen Arbor!) She was a childhood friend of the bride and she is amazing--she did all the flowers and hand lettering and table decor and detailing for her friend Pam and the result was out of this world.  So, this Fall I was thinking about the Pop Ups and wanting to make sure they were super rad and got in touch with Amy, just to see if she might be interested in helping out--and she WAS!  So began a fabulous partnership of us working together.  

Amy will be with us in New Orleans, Santa Fe and Traverse City and is taking the lead on all styling details for the Pop Ups--flowers, signs, lettering, textiles and picnic baskets and I know it's going to be just perfect--she has an amazing creative eye, a workhorse-like spirit and is industrious beyond all means. I cannot wait to see what she does for all our Pop Up needs! Please give Amy a huge welcome to the Rolling Elopement team and check out some more of her work below. 

1 spot for New Orleans, 2 for Santa Fe and 2 for Traverse City July still remain!  Lots of folks too asking about 2015 dates...let's take it 1 step at a time, guys.  For now it's only 2014.  Use the form below to get in touch!

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