Rain. Links. Nashville Soundtrack.


Ahhh, a rainy day.  First one several weeks and it makes working inside today so much easier to bear.  And what better way to enjoy a rainy day than with some links to fun and informative stuff?  Enjoy a glimpse into my life and my current obsessions.  One such obsession is that I cannot stop listening to the Nashville Soundtrack.  But then I found out that Oliver Hudson is coming in this season to compete with Deacon.  And I was like "Oh Hellllll No."

At any rate, here ya go.  

xoxo and hoping for sun tomorrow. 



Are you loving Aztec/Native American inspired pattern as much as I am lately?  

I Instagrammed about these cats the other day. They seem pretty awesome.  

Have you heard about the Goat Mowers?  I'm seriously considering getting a couple. 

Are you following Sarah's Year of Fun? If not, it's pretty inspiring and...well, fun! 

Registered for this race this week! Love running in Leelanau! 

Ian sent me this and it seems appropriate as we start to looking for Dog #2 next week! 

We're having a date night tomorrow and going here and here.  

I've been watching a LOT of Dawson's Creek lately, which I plan to blog about next week, but reading this helped me feel better about myself.  

I'm working on starting an adult education class that I'm going to teach on the front porch. Our first book? You guessed it.  

Homeschooling....as a high schooler? Also on my mind.  

Madwell trip is in the plans for next Monday when I'm back in Chicago! 

Next week's porch project.   

So, apparently there are cougars and bears living in the woods behind the cottage, but the DNR refuses to acknowledge it?   

My beach got some CNN love this week!  

I'm currently enjoying 3 books at one time--they are the Steve Jobs biography, the autobiography of Ingrid Bentacourt and Jim Harrison's The Great Leader.  All are fabulous in their own way. 

Speaking of reading, I just finished this book and I loved it.   

Crossing my fingers on booking weddings at these venues for 2014.  1. 2.

You best believe I'm getting to one of these shows this Fall.