Online dating, why the blush?


This is a quick rant, but I think it's important.  A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend and we were talking about her dating life.  She is smart, hot, fun, cool and all around a fabulous catch and she has been on the lookout for Mr. Right lately--and one of the way she is going about this is by using an online site.  As we chatted about her woes and wins in the dating scene, it was super clear she was a little "shy" about the fact that she was online dating.  Then, the next day, I went and had a conversation with a co-worker and then another conversation with another friend and finally a conversation with a family member--all of them were trying online dating and all of them were embarrassed about it.  A week later, I had a meeting with a bride and groom and they told me they met online and they were like, "Ooooh, well......(long pause)...we met online (cast eyes downward towards the table as if there is something extremely interesting there to look at all of a sudden)."  It struck me--people are embarrassed to various degrees that they are meeting their loves online.....but WHY?  We live in a technology driven world--if it's not a cell phone, it's a computer, if it's not an ipad, it's an android. As a teacher I have to tell students at least 30 times a day to take their headphones off or to stop texting in the hallways.  Ian is constantly saying to me, "Let's have a little less screen time tonight" and then, as we close our computers, we fire up the Roku to see the latest episode of Smash (yes, I love it and I am not embarrassed Gregory Bonsignore).  If our world is so consumed by our addiction to technology, why, then, is it strange or odd or (gasp) embarrassing that we are meeting our significant others online? It only makes sense!  My message on this rainy Wednesday is simple--embrace online romance!  Click through those cutie-patooties as you sip your glass of red wine in the evening, ladies and find Mr. Right. He's out there somewhere in cyberspace and he's waiting--go for it!  Seize the day and be proud of your relationship, as it's nothing to blush about!