Free Stuff: Why I do it and what it means to me.

If you pay attention to my business on Instagram, you might notice that I do things a little differently than some other folks out there.  Not only do I post way more dog pictures than most wedding photographers, but I also tend to do a lot of giveaways--which I LOVE.  

There is a lot of reserach that goes into giveaways--if giving away a product or a service for free is actually good or bad for your bottom line as a business owner. Overwhelmingly, it seems that giving away something expensive, like a full wedding package isn't a great idea--and that's probably totally true, but giving away smaller things like sessions or a print credit can help build your tribe and your supportors.  I do both.  And I love it.

Here's why I give stuff away--because I can.  I am so grateful and lucky that I have 2 careers--one in educaiton and one in photography.  Because photography is not my 100% income, I have the ability to be thoughtful and intentional about gifting certain products and services free of charge. This year, for instance, I gave away a couple products, like books and packages that were all focused on feminism.  I also offered 5 totally free LGBTQ weddings to clients after the election.  This month of June, I'm giving away 1 free session to an Instagram follower. I'm also offering free LGBTQ couples session to celebrate Pride month.

I find that people often say things like, "You have such a big heart to do this!" and yes, I do feel my hear tis big, but it's also just totally what I WANT to do.  Knowing that I'm offering people a chance to enjoy bomb photos of themselves and their loved ones for no charge, when they otherwise might not have been able to take advantage of that opportunity, makes me feel good.  I always want to feel I am giving back more to the world than I am taking.  Offering these giveways is a TINY way to feel that is happening. 

So, if you're wondering, "Why the heck is she giving so much stuff away?? Is she crazy?" the answer is, "No, I'm not crazy, but I am crazy over humanity and helping humans." If this helps humans in a small way to celebrate their lives and loves, then that is one little thing I can do.

I hope you'll enter these giveaways--really--it means so much to me and it makes me so happy when I get to share the winner with everyone!