Christmas Anniversary Plates by Amy Clay.

One of the coolest....ok, well, definitely the coolest present that Ian and I received this year for Christmas was made by my sister, Amy.

My sister is an unbelievably talented artist (waaaay more skills than I could ever hope to have), and she recently took a pottery class in Grand Rapids--but what we didn't know is that she created at her class these awesome anniversary plates for us! In addition to our anniversary date (July 12, 2013 was our 5 year wedding anniversary), the plates also have lots of little details and inside jokes that we appreciate including pictures of the Airstream, the great state of Michigan, images of our old beagle, Dinah, her cat Fred, and Tasha.  

These are SO wonderful--we absolutely love them and they will be a fabulous addition to the Airstream as well as to our life.  Thank you so, so, so much, Amy!