Weekend Catch Up. Michigan to Chicago and Back.


Happy Monday (it is Monday, right?).  It's been a busy one, which explains my lack of posting the past few days--so sorry, I know you're devastated.  Never fear, I'm BACK.

So, when I think of how busy and crazy the last few days have been, I feel really overwhelmed...but then I look at the calendar for the next two weeks and it gets even crazier--weddings, family sessions, engagement session, multiple meetings in and outside of West Michigan, AND a reunion with all my horseback riding buddies?! Phew. It's going to be a bit busy over here at our quiet lakeside studio. 

Ok, weekend recap--here goes--starting Thursday (plus a little link love): 

1) 2 awesome things happened Thursday that will get their own blog post tomorrow--met up with fellow photographer Kendra Stanley Mills and talked shop for what seemed like 10 minutes but was actually almost 2 hours.  Then, I got a crazy email from 2 strangers who liked my photos and wanted to come hang out with us in Grand Haven.  So they did.  And it was fabulous.  I'll blog about both of these events tomorrow, I promise! 

2) We went to Chicago for 48 hours. During this time,  I shot 6 sessions in 2 days, had my car breakdown, played Teledraw with the best people, watched too many episodes of Revenge, met up with my EGR buddy Lauren, popped into Lululemon and had drinks with one of our FAVORITE client couples.  It was an extremely productive (and tiring) couple of days.  Tons of posts about the whirlwind will be up on the blog in the next couple of days.

3) Ian forced me to take a long nap when I got home, which was honestly one of the best parts of my entire month of October thus far.  I'm definitely burning the candle at both ends these days.  

4) We had dinner with my mom and sister on Sunday night (which is becoming a lovely little tradition) and, in addition to talking loudly and excessively about 2013 Art Prize, we also played Teledraw with them and my mom taught us all about rabies.  Best. 

5) I'm getting darn good at swimming and I've made 3 new swimming buddies.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with how awesome the West Michigan Masters is. 

6) Pop Ups! OMG, people are as excited as we are!! I honestly cannot wait to get these gentlemen up and running. So fabulous.