Dream Run: Bandon, Oregon.


It is an absolutely fabulously cloudy, muggy, sticky Fall day here in Grand Haven. And while I am buckled down TIGHT to get a massive amount of work done right now, I did go for a totally great run this morning--and this wet weather reminds me a lot of one of my very favorite runs of all time--Bandon, Oregon. 

It was 2006. Ian and I were in the middle of a 1200 mile bike trip.  It had been raining for...oh, 7 days straight.  We had rolled into Bandon, Oregon after being chased (yet again) by meth house dogs, and we (ok, maybe mainly me) were feeling REALLY frustrated.  I'll tell you all about Bandon and the 5 days we spent stranded there some other time, but one part of Bandon that was the cat's pajamas was the running--it was perfect.  Windy, dark, empty, wet, muggy---Mmmmm, I couldn't get enough! And this morning, trekking through the empty State Park, out to the lighthouse, up and down 5 Mile Hill several times and then back to the cottage was just like being in Bandon all over again....Happy Fall running, guys.  It's the best. band