2015 Pop Ups--YES! They're happening!

In the past year, I've received a LOT of inquiries about 2015 Pop Ups and what we are offering for them and I've been, admittedly, a bit wishy washy about them. Truthfully, while they are immensely fun and lovely and beautiful on the day of, the weeks leading up to them are stressful and anxiety ridden (will it rain? Does the couple know how to get to the venue? What if they guests are stressed out? Will we be asked to move? Eeee!!).  However, after much thought and consideration, I think that at the end of the day they are worth it--throwing a wedding for somoene and getting to be part of their day is sort of the best thing in the world.

Thus, the 2015 Pop Ups will happen, but on a much smaller scale.

At this point we are only planning to offer 2 days of Pop Ups--both in Northern Michigan--still utilizing the Airstream, though. 

Sidenote--have you been to Northern Michigan? Well. As much as I don't want the secret to get out, let me just say that Northern Michigan is sort of the best place in the world.  Truly. 

Our first day of Pop Ups will be June 20th and our second day of Pop Ups will be August 17, 2015.  The exact location is TBD, but the 2015 Pop Up package will include:

15 minute legal ceremony with legally ordained officiant

30 minute couples portrait session

Accommodations for up to 10 guests

1 beautiful bridal bouquet and 1 fancy schmancy boutonniere for your love (or 2 bridal bouquets or 2 boutonnieres for our same sex couples!)

1 fantastically personalized picnic basket with your alcoholic drink of choice

Your choice of a handmade birdcage veil

A 6" handmade wedding cake for you and your beloved

A styled Airstream lounge for getting ready and rad photographs

All digital print rights to all your photographs from the day

A tubular wedding experience to share with your family and friends for years to come ("Yeah, we got hitched in front of a huge Airstream trailer in Santa Fe.....oh, you had a hotel banquet wedding with 400 people you didn't know? Well..that's cool too....I guess.")

You might notice a few changes--first, we're lowering the guest count. I really want these to be as close to elopements as possible, so instead of 20 guests, now you can only have 10.  BUT, we are adding some cool stuff--you now can choose a birdcage veil and you get a 6" adorable wedding cake to share with your love!


We anticipate these filling up quickly, so please get in touch today using the form below to secure your spot for one of the very few 2015 Pop Up Elopements!

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Why does a Pop Up makes sense to you? Who are you as a couple? What makes you tick?