Let's talk Rolling Elopements....


Guys.  Do you remember the Rolling Elopement post I did a few months ago with A Practical Wedding?  Do you remember how excited I was about it?  Well, guess what?  I'm actually feeling WAY more excited about it now....and here are a few reasons why: 

1) We've been staying in the Airstream in Michigan and it ROCKS.  Seriously...it's like beyond the coolest thing ever to get into the Airstream at night and hear nothing outside except for crickets and coyotes and have a beer and then wrap up in wool blankets and watch Promised Land and feel really glad we didn't sell our land to the natural gas companies (ok, maybe that's just me, but honestly, fracking is like...a huge problem....) 


2) The Airstream weddings I've booked so far are with some of the coolest couples ever! They are just down to earth ladies who want to have a rockstar fun wedding and don't want to stress about buffet tables or corsages...they just want to be married and have a ball. 


3) The idea of driving around the Southern United States for 3 months with an Airstrem hitched to the back of the truck, my amazing husband in the driver's seat and Tasha the super shepherd and her (yet to be adopted) best friend F. Scott sitting next to her is so rad.   


4) Ian said we can spend a lot of the month of February in South Carolina.  On the beach.  So that is unreally great. Because I might actually finally hang out with Pat Conroy...or at least start the letter writing campaign I've been intending to start for years now. 


All that being said, I'm doing another post with APW next week, but I wanted to remind all you cool cats out there that we are still booking Airstream Rolling Elopements and they are a GREAT DEAL.  You can get in touch using the form below--or maybe you're not getting married but you have a great event you want us to come photograph on our trip?


Don't forget we're also doing another side project that I'm calling 100 Under 100 which will profile small town America and visit 100 small towns that have a year round population of less than 100 folks.  So we're hoping to shoot a whole bunch of super radical stuff whilst traveling--and we'll shoot your events--whatever it is, whenever, just let me know! No problem-o, just fill out the form and we'll get it on the travel calendar! 

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