Weekend Rest and New Ideas.


Sunday morning is one of my favorite parts of the week--I love waking up early and sitting in the quiet living room, drinking some coffee with the ladies of the house and having the silence of the day surround me.  This weekend has flown by, but it's all been fun and enjoyable things--a wonderful dinner with friends last night of paella and laughter, a great swim and lifting session at the gym, Friday night Thai food with Ian and Gone Girl on Netflix (he hadn't seen the movie or read the book and had no idea what was coming!).  This week and next are busy--my students are starting Romeo and Juliet and I'm working on getting all my Pop Up boxes out to my Pop Up clients for the June date, but I wanted to leave you with a few things I've been doing/reading/enjoying lately. Read on!

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Nevin: Just finished reading this yesterday morning and I was smack down flabbergasted by it. Young Adult fiction about a young man struggling with very real and very undiagnosed bipolar and his quest to find peace in his life. It was fan-flippin tastic. 

Gilmore Girls binge watching:  I forgot until recently how much I absolutely LOVE this show. Then I recommended a student watch it and I started re-watching along at the same time and now I am safely consumed in the Loralei, Rory, Luke, Kirk world of Stars Hollow and loving every moment. If you haven't watched this yet, get on it!  I also went through the Rory Gilmore Reading List from Pinterest and was disappointed that I've only read 89 of the 339 books listed!

Dot & Bo:  I can't get enough of this site! They have some awesome original and mock pieces and their prices are very reasonable--plus they change all the time so there are some days you can find stuff for close to 60% off retail.  Currently crushing on this lamp and these kilim pillows.  Let's be real, I'm crushing on anything kilim these days. 

Paint By Number searching: We have a downstairs bathroom that I am working to fill from floor to ceiling with Paint by Number pictures--you know those awesome ones from the 50s that have all sorts of beautiful color and detail? I've been scouring antique stores and Goodwills and have found about 20 of them...but I need about 30 more to complete this project--if you see one, let me know!

Glitter for Your Enemies:  HA! Ian told me about this last week and then I checked out the website yesterday and let's just say I've got a few folks who might be receiving a lovely pouch of glitter.  Sorrynotsorry. 

Cozy Home Stuff:  I love our new house (house tour next week, I promise!), but since it's an old house with hardwood floors, it can sometimes feel a little less than cozy.  I've been working on adding little things and touches throughout to cozify it and taking some notes via Pinterest and Polyvore.  

Palm Springs/Joshua Tree research:  For Spring Break we're heading to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for a couple days of desert and sunshine.  I can't wait to visit Salvation Mountain and stay here for a few nights too!

Donors Choose Grants:  I've been working on getting my current Donors Choose grant funded--if you're not aware of this site, it's great! Like a Kickstarter for teachers who want to get materials and projects for their classrooms. I have a grant currently to buy all my students awesome Writer's Notebooks and am going to write another to get alternative seating for my classroom--bouncy balls or something of the sort to keep my students active and focused in class!

Pendleton Online:  My mom recently turned us onto the amazingness of the sale section of the Pendleton Company website--she bought Ian a fantastic towel for his birthday and then I found the sale section and it was all over from there.  

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: I think I wrote about this book already, but I just had a chance to finish it last week while we were in South Carolina and it was just lovely.  Again, young adult (have to read with my kids!), but realllllly well written and thought provoking.  

Hunt and Gather:  Grand Rapids folks, have you checked out this spot? It's truly a fantastically beautiful and curated store on Cherry and the owners are also equally lovely.  Plus they've got a beagle named Harper who sits in the store all day and greets visitors--best ever!