Memorial Weekend Recap

Phew--that was a weekend! I hope all of you had a great one--we surely did!  

Friday night we were so excited to see our neighbor, Dale, who had returned from Minnesota late on Thursday night, so I made a big pot of spaghetti and we all sat around the table catching up on life over the past few months and making plans for the summer (Dale's a big fisherman and Ian loves to go fishing with him, so lots of discussions about when the boat will be in the water.)  It's so great to have our good neighbor back and to start to feel like we're not just out here on this empty ridge of empty cottages.  The beginning of summer, of course, means more people in Grand Haven, which can be annoying to lose our quiet beach town, but it's also nice to feel like we're not all alone out here anymore! Plus Dale and his wife Karen are about our favorite people ever, so that's a huge bonus to have them living next door to us.  Dale and Ruth Ann are getting really close too--she really loves him and he her.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and headed towards Chicago to photograph Grazyna and Jeff's absolutely endearingly sweet wedding at the Crippen House, which is a beautiful mansion on the northwest side of the city--it was a fantastic evening, perfect weather, very lovely group of people, we felt very warm and fuzzy by the time we packed up and headed back to Michigan. To stay away on the drive, e rocked out to Michael Jackson's new album (RIP Michael) and rolled into Grand Haven around 12am and hit the hay pretty quickly.  

Sunday was a beautiful day and we got a lot done--Ian and his sister worked on picking up all the recently scraped shingles from the yard (that is some hard work, let me tell you) and I landscaped the entire front of the lawn, planting lots of new (sand hearty) plants like lavender, sedum, ice plants and hostas. I also started a compost pile which I have high hopes for as well. The whole area isn't completely finished, but it's looking great--just need to get some bricks to finish it off this afternoon.  After this, we went off to a family party at Ian's grandparent's cottage down the lake and Ian, Allie and I all took the first swim of the season--granted it was running in and out pretty much within a few seconds, but we all went in and went under (I was the first one, let me just note). It was very cold, but it felt great too and as the official start to the summer, I think a cold Lake Michigan dig is critical.  

When we got back to Grand Haven, we took the dogs for a walk on the beach, watched the sunset, and then had a fire with Dale where he told us all sorts of stories about life as an art professor, his time in the Dominican and other tales that may or may not have been true. 

Monday we continued the roofing and gardening projects (I also bought Ian and Allie pretzels from the Village Baker, which is like 50% of the reason alone to live in Grand Haven year round.  As you can see, they are amazing), and then Ian and Josh attempted to smoke ribs--it went...well. It was a learning experience. We did eat ribs by the end of the night, just not totally smoked ones...more like grilled.  Either way, they were super tasty and a wonderful way to welcome in the beginning of the season.  It was also a weekend of epic sunsets, as seen below.  

This week will be pretty busy--I have a maternity session in the dunes tomorrow night which I am SO excited to shoot, and then a few family sessions this coming weekend. Then June starts and I basically will not be able to breath for 30 days as I try desperately to keep it all together with the insanity.  But it's a good insanity and will be a great month!

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Weekend as well!