Fashion Fridays. A New Addition!

I love fashion. I LOVE clothes.  And I love shopping probably more than most normal folks.  My mother shakes her head as she reads this, I'm sure, but truth be told, I've been a clothes horse since I was a little girl.  There were times in high school when I was not allowed to go out until my room was clean and it would take me HOURS to get it clean because I had so many damn clothes.  I obsess over Vogue and Vanity Fair on a monthly basis and I had to stop reading InStyle because I wanted to mimic every outfit and my bank account didn't allow that....and there have been several times in the past 10 years where I have legitimately had to hide my credit cards because of my obsession with all things Anthropologies, Banana Republic or J. Crew. 

 As soon as I finish this blog, I'm off to the couch for episodes of Gossip Girl (Do NOT ruin it for me! I sort of know who Gossip Girl is, but I don't want to know more--shhhhhh!!!). It's been a massively long week with TONS of good things, but also lots and lots of work and late nights of editing.  Slowly making a dent on the 15 sessions in the queue.  My goal is to have all my editing done before we hit the road.

And speaking of hitting the road, our official leave date from Grand Haven is November 7! Woo hoo! Tyler, Texas, here we come!

But today I am excited to introduce Fashion Fridays on the blog.  On Fridays I will blog about some sort of fashion obsession, tips or idea that I've had as of late.  Seeing as how today is the first day of Fashion Fridays, I thought I would start simple--what have I been wearing the past couple of weeks?  And I wanted to keep it realistic--I'm a wedding photographer.  Despite what that may sound like, let me translate it--we aren't rich.  In fact, I'm a pretty huge penny it's all about the sale rack for me with a healthy dose of thrift shops!

So, this is what you would see on a typical day in the studio--it's pretty religious--day in and day out.  Keep reading after the graphic for info!


fall by emily-53 featuring a circle scarf

1) Jean Vest--Do you have one? I didn't either. Until last week. When I found one on MEGA clearance at Old Navy (more on why I was at Old Navy in a second) and I snatched it up. I had been looking for months and while I loved the Madewell version, I wasn't willing to spend $70.  But then I found my Old Navy gem for $7.94, so it was like, "Duh" and we've been besties ever since. 


2) Long black tanks--got mine at Nordstrom's Rack for about $4 each, but Lululemon also has fabulous ones.  An essential layering piece. 


3) Circle scarves--KEY Fall accessory.  I bought a bunch of fabric today at the Spring Lake fabric store (it was me and about 5 women over the age of 80 in the store on a Friday afternoon).  Circle scarves for less than $1 each? Done and done. 


4) Tan/Cream leather jacket--Amazing. Love it. Love everything about it.  I got mine at Nordstrom's Rack (bargain basement deal at $30 for real leather!) but I also spotted a few great looking ones at Target and since I have a black leather from Target already that I always get complimented on, I would say you really cannot go wrong with Tar-chez.   


5) Another circle scarf--this one from Urban Outfitters.  Neutral colors with a little fringe seems to be a favorite of mine. 


6) Long sleeve layering t-shirts--Usually I am not a huge fan of layering tshirts.  No more. I found these at (shocking) Nordstrom's Rack for $4 each and they are AMAZING.  Long and thing and wonderful in every way possible. I bought like...5. I probably will go back and buy more. 


7) Old Wool Sweaters--AKA, get yourself to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Ian and I went thrifting a few weeks ago.  I headed directly to the men's department and he sort of scowled at me like "What are you doing here? Get out of my turf".  I proceeded to find 4 wool sweaters for $5 each. And they were/are amazing.  One is a fisherman's sweater, and another is from the Saugatuck Woolen Goods Company.  These + a pair of black leggings from Lulu=my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday outfit.  


8) Patagonia Fiona Jacket--You honestly thought I would get through a post without blogging about my true luv 4 eva, Patagonia? Ha!  As my sister-in-law said a few weeks ago, "Do you honestly just have Patagonia coming out of your ears?" I actually do.  I worked for awhile at Gazelle Sports where we had an amazing pro-deal with Patagonia and I let it go to my head.  I probably ordered several thousand dollars worth of merchandise during my time there and I have a lot left to show for it.  The Fiona Parka, though, is the BEST Patagonia I have ever owned.  It is mega lightweight, but it is super warm. i own it in a really lovely red, but I am considering investing in the black or grey color.  Just need to book a coupe more weddings first! 


9) Bed Stu boots:  Stop. Do you know about Bed Stu?  Yeah, I didn't either until last year when I randomly ordered some of their boots on Zappos.  And then my life changed.  I know you're thinking that's an exaggeration, but it's not. These are THE most comfortable boots I have owned in my entire life.  I walk everywhere in them. Last year I ran the Charleston Half Marathon and then proceeded to walk an additional 9 miles in the boots.  I probably could have run the race in the boots. That's how amazing they are.  I want 3 more pairs. 


10) Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans--Old Navy? Jeans? Yeah. I know, I was skeptical too.  I usually wear Sevens or Citizens, which are why would I stoop to Old Navy....Ha! That's what I thought when my sis-in-law gave me the word on her super cute grey skinnies last week.  But then I went to ON and tried them on and was like..."Wow. I'm not as fat as I thought I was, or these jeans HOLD IT ALL IN." They are amazing.  They are 40% off right now.  And they are fabulous.  Go buy 10 pairs. I bought 2 pairs. I'll be going back soon for more. 


11) Sperry Loafers--I bought these about a year ago. But I live in them.  Sperry's are beyond comfortable.  They are stylish. They are wonderful.  Run to the store and get some.  ASAP. You won't be sorry.