Life with my Mother.

For the past few weeks I've been staying off and on at my mom's house in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It acts as a good in-between location for Chicago and Empire, plus it's free, she buys half and half for my coffee and washes my sheets.  In addition to these perks, she also has a cat that literally has started to control not only her life, but also my sister's life as well (my sister doesn't live here, but her cat, Fred, does, so my sister is here often "checking on Fred" which she has referred to on more than one occasion as a "full time job").  I would say that at least 50% of my mom's day is currently spent either letting the cat in and out of the house (she has trained him to bat at the garage door when he wants out) or asking "Where's Fred? Have you seen Fred?" Fred is almost always lying in the driveway, usually right under the rear wheels of my car, ready to be crushed at any moment.  Fred is pretty standoffish towards me and towards my dog, Tasha.  Fred spends lots of his time blowing himself up to look very large and then batting at Tasha's tail.  Tasha has no interest whatsoever in playing with him and ends up being extremely intimidated by a 12 lbs feline. 


At any rate, this morning, while I was attempting to wake up after far too little sleep and gulp down a cup of coffee, my mother and I engaged in the following activities: 


1) We watched a feature on Good Morning America about that gentleman "Pitbull".  Apparently Pitbull is quite into world domination and the host kept referring to him as "Mr. Worldwide".  My mother had never heard of Pitbull and kept saying, "What? What is this man? What? Shepherd Man? Husky Man?" We both came to the conclusion that Pitbull is far too old for world domination, but then when I looked up his Wikipedia page I learned he is only 32 years old.  Which is my age. 


2) After we watched the Pitbull feature, my mother wanted to share with me something else she had learned on GMA earlier--she had watched a feature with "the blonde host" who was showing a clip of Taylor Swift and Carly Simon performing "You're So Vain".  My mother really liked that Taylor Swift was dressed as a 50s girl.  She also saw a feature about the Zonkey (see below).  My mother really likes animals and horses in particular, so the Zonkey was a huge hit.  I, obviously, wanted to know if the donkey and zebra had chosen to mate with one another or if it had been a forced insemination.  My mother did not know the answer to this.