The Big Strawberry barn. Spring Lake, Michigan.

Last weekend I spent most of Memorial Day weekend surrounded by awesome friends, friendly dogs, Michigan sunshine and the glory of Grand Haven.  For the past 8 years, Ian and I have welcomed summer by spending the weekend at the Grand Haven cottage my mom purchased.  We cook great meals, drink beer late into the night, have fires in the yard and walk the beach with our pals from Chicago and Michigan.  

Last weekend, as I returned from a quick trip into Grand Rapids, my friend John and I cruised past The Big Strawberry barn--this is a huge barn that has sat on the side of M104 in Spring Lake for as long as I can remember--when I was little driving past The Big Strawberry always meant we were almost to the Lake.  On Saturday evening, John and I stopped for a quick perusal--it's gorgeous and filled currently with hay and some pretty rad looking signage from bygone days.  

A reminder of a simpler time in Michigan, when produce and farming was the way for a family to make ends meet.  A Pure Michigan moment, indeed.  

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