What's in my Bag: 100 mm

Full disclosure--I know it's been forever since I did an In My Bag feature.  What can I say? I got mega busy.  I have 3 lenses to finish up, though, in this series, and I am determined to get it done! Without further ado...the 100mm lens.

Today I'm going to chat briefly about my Canon 100mm L F/2.8 lens.  This little lens does not get enough credit.  I LOVE the 100mm which is traditionally thought of as a macro lens.  A macro lens means that it focuses on the tiniest of tiny details--it's the perfect lens for ring shots, jewelry, lace and super intense eyelash close-ups.  It's a little slow to focus, so it isn't great if someone is moving really quickly, but it's absolutely beautiful when the light and the lens all come together.  I've also been a huge fan of using this lens for portrait sessions with couples--especially when it's that sunset or sunrise light (it won't work well in a really low light scenario).  It is tack sharp and blows out the background really well to bring the couple or the portrait right into focus.  I often use this lens when I'm second shooting behind Ian--he works on the formals, while I snap away the candids and the results are rock solid.  It's also not a very expensive lens and I found mine new for less than $800--definitely worth it!