Going North. Mini Vacation!

Happy Friday, all! Hope you had a wonderful week--super busy over here getting the Pop Up packets all mailed out to our clients, plus loads of contracts being sent out (guess what!? I am only accepting 1 more wedding for 2014--can you BELIEVE that? I can't...but it's true...smile)  and a great coffee and scone meeting (as always) with Kendra at her space in Musekegon.  

But now, I'm taking a self-imposed vacation (most likely a staycation, though my sister-in-law just went to Mexico on a whim and I have to admit I've been looking for some mid-week deals....).  But I need a break of just books and cooking and sleep and walking in the woods.

This weekend Ian and I are planning to partake in the many activities of the Grand Haven Winterfest (sled building commenced Thursday night!) and then we're heading to Traverse City for a day to do some location scouting for the Pop Up weddings in June and July (which is technically work, but when it's combined with a meal at Frenchie's and a cocktail from The Little Fleet, it feels much less like work). 

"But, Emily...what have you been doing?  It looks from your Instagram that you just go for walks on abandoned icy beaches and drink wine and read books."

All smoke and mirrors of the Internet--it makes things look so much prettier and meaningful than it really is. 

The truth is that I've been working non-stop since we got back to Grand Haven and I'm starting to get the jitters (you know, when you wake up at 2am with your heart beating really fast thinking "Oh my lord, I'm actually THROWING SOMEONE'S WEDDING IN 2 MONTHS!"  Plus editing my final weddings of 2013 took forever (seriously, fellow photographer friends, why am I so darn slow on workflow?  Does Photomechanic really help or is it all just a myth?!)  Consistently I found myself rolling into bed at 1:30am...2am....3am...UGG!  Very little sleep combined with shipping packages and updating branding and preparing to leave again for 3 months has taken its toll.  I'm tired. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah,  I know I brought it on myself and I know it will be totally fine (thanks, in huge part, to my team extraordinaire of Ian, Sarah and Amy), but I'm still feeling a wee bit stressed.  So it's time to unplug, unwind, refresh and rejuvenate myself before the second round of the road trip starts up and wedding season 2014 officially begins.

Have a wonderful few days and I'll be back to blogging in a bit.