Wednesday's List.

Happy Wednesday!  A quick list, since I don't have the capacity for a full blog post today:

1) We did the TC Pop Up on Friday last week and it was AWESOME. Seriously. I'll blog some sneak peek images tomorrow if I have time. I promise.

2) This weekend we are off to Iowa to photograph a full weekend wedding at a private school on the banks of the Mississippi. As if that weren't cool enough, there will be life size cut outs of Beyonce and Harrison Ford at the reception.  Along those same lines, you might have noticed we've been traveling a LOT this Spring--we've been all over the place and it's been a whirlwind. We are in a constant state of packing and unpacking and my mom has spent more time with our dogs than she cares to, I imagine. 

3) We will be moving out of the cottage in Grand Haven next week in preparation for summer renters (managing these renters is probably a full-time job in itself...seriously, 10 inquiries a day? Come on!) and moving up to Empire to be in the Airstream for the month of July.

4) Speaking of July, that's my vacation! I purposely scheduled no weddings (except the Pop Ups) in July and only took family sessions. We'll be spending about 5 weeks in Empire during this time, living in the Airstream and beginning renovation on our farmhouse.  Plus, I am dedicating at least 2 weeks of the month to absolute relaxation--no photography at all, no work, not even responding to emails! I'm bordering on insanity these days, putting in 12-15 hours of editing a day in an effort to catch up on May and June's back to back to back to back weddings, so taking this time is absolutely critical, I think, in order to get through August and September which are also jam packed every weekend. 

5) One really cool thing that will happen in July, though, is the launch of my rebrand! I've been working with an awesome design firm out of Oklahoma City for the past month and this rebrand is going to be fantastic--a name change, a new logo, a new website, a totally redefined focus and intentionality of work for 2015--I can't wait! Stay tuned, I hope to reveal it in early July!

As I've already mentioned, June is insane (let's be honest, May was too), so I while I have lots to blog about, I am also trying to finish editing first--so the blog will be a bit quiet for the next few days, most likely.  Thanks so much for your readership, support, and such--hope you're all enjoying this beautiful beginning of Summer!