Northern michigan summers, let me count thy ways.

I'm proctoring a practice ACT right now, it's about 42 degrees and it's been raining since Sunday here in Chicago.  Classic ingredients for some cabin fever, people.  All I am thinking about is getting Up North to Empire come June.  Northern Michigan summers, for those who have never experienced one, are like....the best thing. In. The. World.  Sunshine, cool evening breezes, silence, waves, bonfires, crickets, coyotes, burgers and beers at Art's Tavern, climbing sanddunes, long distance swims sand between your toes, hikes to Pyramid Point, ahhhh, i'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  I also stumbled upon this lovely little blog post that captures it all in a few photographs and some beautiful type face. I have no idea who this girl is, but man, she sure understands Northern Michigan (and good design)! Enjoy dreaming with me, my friends!