What's In My Bag: 24-70mm.

Today I'm going to share about the 24-70mm f 2/8 L II that I bought off of Craigslist about 5 months ago.  This is a fabulous lens (duh).  That was obvious.  It's sort of considered the lens that one must have in their wedding photography bag---and that's true, I use it all the time and I love it.  It's fab.  

Ok, what else can I say about this lens--truth be told, this is the lens that is on Ian's camera about 99% of the wedding when we shoot together.  He is a little more comfortable shooting with a zoom than a prime, so when we started shooting together, he naturally gravitated towards this beauty and it's been a match made in heaven.  

This lens is super versatile and not only does it work well at ceremony time, but it is also what I shoot 99% of the formals and group shots with (in addition to the 35mm).  You should get in tight when needed or back up and use it as an almost wide angle--it literally does it all.  

I bring it to all my Amour and engagement sessions as well and it's fantastic with family sessions as I don't have to constantly chase after little ones.  I should probably use it a lot more than I do, but I am trying to work on shooting most of my stuff with primes. However, it is a rock solid option and sharp as a tack, so it won't be going anywhere soon.