east grand rapids, michigan wedding.

Wow! What an amazing night for an amazing couple--Holly and Shane met 12 years ago when they were both traveling through Europe.  As life would have it, though, they were not yet ready to settle down (what 16 year old really is, after all?).  Fast forward a decade, add some higher education, a couple trips around the world and some major growing up, and you'll find yourself at August 18, 2012, where this seemingly destined couple said their vows to one another in the backyard of Holly's father in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The night could not have been more perfect--the weather was ideal, the bridesmaids looks like they had walked off the pages of Vogue, and the bride stunned her guests as her mother and father escorted her down the grassy aisle.  What made this wedding so much fun were all the awesome homemade touches (Holly's mom, Gretchen, created her headpiece!), but also the undeniable love and passion the bride and groom hold for one another.  There was not a dry eye in the yard as Holly and Shane recited their self-written vows, and became husband and wife.  What a magical night--thanks, Holly and Shane for letting me be a part of your story!