Sarah. She's the Bomb.Com. For real.

I'm sitting here, making a little to do list for the week (truth be told, it's 3 pages long and that's only getting me to Monday night), and each item starts with, "Tell Sarah..." or "Talk to Sarah about..." or "For Sarah:"--and it hit me: You probably don't even know who Sarah is yet, do you?  

I haven't blogged about her.

And that is an absolute TRAVESTY because she savior.  But not in the Godly way (though she is sort of Godly, in all honesty), but in the "Holy crap, if you weren't part of this business I honestly would be dead. In the water. And in the bank." 


Sarah is my good friend who, despite having a full-time job of her own and a full-time blog of her own and a full-time husband and full-time dog and full-time life, came to me in early June and wanted to talk about how she could get involved in Emily Alt Photography--and she wanted to do it for FREE. And for FUN.  I know! I was amazed too!

At first, as we talked through all these ideas we both had at Bar on Buena in Chicago, I was thinking that she probably had a desire to help for a few days and then do something else. I figured there was NO way someone as organized, creative, and intelligent as Sarah would be willing to help me out out of the goodness of her heart...but, guys, it was true. She just wanted to help.  

And help she has! Sarah has been totally amazing in helping me get organized with my books, my finances and my taxes--she is so organized that it kind of makes me blush. And I am crossing my fingers tightly that she will want to continue to be part of this business as it grows and develops--I would LOVE to be able to pay her for her help and work very soon (even though I know she isn't looking for that)--and I am also really hoping we can figure out some ways to get her to do the following 2 things, sooner than later: 

1) Start blogging with me: This girl can write. And she's funny and has a LOT to say.  She has kept up this absolutely great blog about living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past year and her year is coming to an end.  So while I definitely want her to keep writing her own blog, I hope too she will consider blogging for me here and there--cause her voice is great and important and I think all of you would love her! 

2) Come out on the road with us:  Be it for a few days or a few weeks, I want her involved in some capacity in the Rolling Elopements and the Pop Ups this winter. I think that these could be a huge part of the business as we grow, so I would love to see Sarah in it to win it from the ground up.  Think of it: Airstreams, dogs, twinkle lights, wine and BBQs in the South in February? Yes, please! 

All this being said, I just am SO beyond grateful to Sarah and all the help she has provided to us over the past few months.  And while she is totally fabulous on her own, it needs to be said that I continue to be amazed and blow away by my loyal and loving clients, day after day.  I could not be doing what I'm doing without your support and without the belief that you all have in me. So thank you.  And a special double triple with chocolate on top thank you to Sarah.  You seriously rock my socks, girl.