Having a "Pinterest Worthy" Wedding Or "Pinterest Pressure"


As always, A Practical Wedding continues to amaze me.  Not only are the 3 ladies who run the site, Maddie, Meg and Emily like the coolest humans on the planet (and I cannot wait to hopefully meet them in person in April when we roll through in the Airstream), but the clients APW sends my way are also out of control amazing.  



Probably 80% of my bookings come through APW and I couldn't be happier about that--because I know as soon as an APW reader gets in touch with me to talk turkey about her wedding day, she (and her fiance) are going to be 1) hella cool, 2) totally down to earth, 3) reasonable about their wedding and 4) focused on their LOVE rather than on the details.  

Today, Maddie (and I) are talking about how being "Pinterest worthy" and making sure your wedding looks great for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, heck, even MySpace is like....not cool.  And what IS cool is having a wedding that celebrates your LOVE, your JOY and YOU--in all your awesome reality.   


It's about being real, guys.  Not about being perfect.  Not about every photo being epic.  It's about having the very BEST day you could have, but having 99% of that "bestness" coming from the fact that at the end of it, you're married to your very best adult human companion.  It's about love.  When did the wedding industry forget that? 

I'm here to say that I haven't. 

And I love love. 

So, check out the APW post and 1000 thank yous to the APW team for continuing to rock my socks.