From my Clients about Pop Ups!


I wanted to just quick share with you a couple quotations, notes, emails, etc I have received form my amazingly awesome Pop Up clients over the past few weeks since they have booked their Pop Up as well as a couple from people who participated in the Grand Haven Pop Up a few weeks ago.  I've noticed that some folks seem nervous about booking a Pop Up for a few reasons: 

1) Fearful that not having a "traditional" wedding will be upsetting to their families. 

2) Concern that it is "too casual" and not quite "wedding-y" enough. 

3) Worried that letting someone else take control of your wedding planning just "isn't how things are done." 


These are all totally understandable and valid concerns, but let me just throw out these notes and see what you think: 




THANK YOU!!! Now I don't have to create 19 Pinterest boards for my wedding--you're doing it all for me! Now I can actually be a HUMAN and spend time with my LOVED ONES on the days leading up to the hitching.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 


Look! It's all about de-stressing the wedding planning experience, guys.  We'll make it awesome for you and you can concentrate on more fun stuff than worrying about paper straws or coordinating the time the cupcakes need to be picked up! 



"My three most favorite Austin friends are already booking flights to be here for this.  They are so excited, they wish this was their wedding.  It's mine!  Mine!  They can't have it!"


See? Your friends CAN be part of this day! No problem!



CLIENT 2 (continued): 

"Okay Emily, we are so totally excited about this, we can hardly stand it.  WEDDINGS ARE FUN AGAIN!  PEOPLE ARE THRILLED!  A FUN AND RELAXING WEEKEND HAS BEEN PLANNED!  Emily: The Musical! is in the works because we’re so relieved, happy and grateful for this experience.  

My brother is flying in from Canada to be my Man of Honor, my best friend is coming from Houston to be my Maid of Honor and we just booked a fabulous place in Santa Fe that’s like a mini-compound so our families and friends can be together for the weekend.  THIS IS HAPPENING.  No wedding stress and FUN.  I totally love you for coming into my life.

Just had to tell you this.


This one just made me smile all over--look, a person who actually is EXCITED about her wedding and not drowning in the stress of planning everything perfectly--this is exactly who the Pop Up is for! 




"Man, we wish this had been our wedding! This is SO cool." 


A couple who renewed their vows at the Grand Haven Pop Up last weekend




SO excited! I'm going to go crack out on Pinterest and vodka shooters.  20 people for a ceremony would be grand and we could even do the party thing on South Manitou anyway.


Look! You can still use all your love of Pinterest if you want, but you can also plan a fabulous party or picnic post Pop Up (alliteration is my friend). 


Seriously, guys, these are so cool. And I am running now to a meeting with a super talented stylist so we can talk lettering, flowers, decor and general details.  We'll make your wedding day beautiful--I promise and cross my heart.  All you've got to do is pull the trigger and book your Pop Up! 

Still have spots available for New Orleans (March 23), Santa Fe (April 4) and Traverse City (June 13)!