summer in the city.

I came across this young lady picking flowers on Sunday after an Amour session at the Montrose Bird Sanctuary.  I wasn't able to get too close without her mom giving me the old "What's this creeper doing photographing my kid?" stare, but I captured these.  I always jokingly say that I live for summer or chase summer--I refer to Memorial Day weekend as my Christmas and do anything I possibly can to stretch out the final moments of September by taking long swims in Lake MIchigan, even when it's getting to that uncomfortably cold point.  This little girl reminded me of how simple summer used to be--when it was all about popsicles and dirt under our fingernails, swimming late at night at your friend's pool or riding polo ponies in the dusk.  I wish we could get back to that sort of summer--where deadlines and meetings and expectations were minimal and the main priority was how long you could stay out before mom called you in for bed.  At any rate, enough nostalgia.  Enjoy her carefree approach to welcoming in summer and happy Memorial Day, ahem, Christmas weekend!