Sam & Brady. Quad Cities Estate Wedding.

I keep thinking that eventually I’ll come up with words eloquent and passionate enough to describe how both Ian and I felt about Sam and Brady’s wedding in Iowa last month.

But my word smithing must be deceiving me lately, because I really do not think I could explain adequately how much this wedding influenced me and Ian.  The guests, the families, the couple—everything single person attending this event made this a night that we truly will not forget for a long, long time.

I will let the photographs do the talking for me, but I will leave you with a little story, one I shared with Sam and Brady when I sent them their galleries—

On the 4th of July weekend, Ian and I had a few friends up to Empire. We were all sitting around the campfire, talking and telling stories, and Ian, in his typical fashion, was asking questions—a question he asked all of our guests was “What’s the most fun you can remember having in the past 6 months?” 

People gave various answers and then my sister turned it on him and asked him—“What’s the most fun YOU’VE had in the past 6 months?”  He and I looked right at each other and without a beat we both said, “Sam and Brady’s wedding”. 

It wasn’t even a discussion.  We traveled through 25 states and covered 12,000 miles in an Airstream trailer in the past 6 months, and yet the most fun we’ve had with each other and with others was at a wedding where we were technically “working”.  I think that’s a real testament to the amazing power that this couple conveys to everyone with whom they cross paths. I cam home from their wedding feeling more inspired to make change in the world than I have in a long time. 

Congratulations, Sam and Brady—we truly, honestly and really are so happy for you and so unbelievably honored to have spent this day with you.

Venue: Rivermont Collegiate; Bettendorf, Iowa // Dress: J. Crew // Catering: HyVee // Photography: Emily Alt Photography // Hotel: Hotel Blackhawk