Introducing the 100 Under 100 Project!


As many of you know, this winter, during the "off-season" of wedding photography, Ian and I will be traveling around the country with our Airstream trailer, our dog (s?) and our cameras.  During this 3 months or so on the road we plan to photograph some weddings as part of our Rolling Elopement offerings, but we are also stoked to keep the creative juices flowing through a documentary project we are calling 100 Under 100.   

Basically, we're going to visit and photograph the heck out of 100 small towns that have a year round population of less than 100 citizens.  So we're talking small. ass. towns, here guys.  I've always been totally fascinated by small towns in America for a variety of reasons (most of these reasons likely stemming from my obsession with Northern Exposure in the mid-1990s where I would actually pretend to be sick to stay home and watch reruns....until my parents figured it out and taught me how to set the VHS player) and I think now, in 2013, more than ever the small town is on a fast track out of here--with the introduction of the expressways and big box stores and the constant pressure to stay ahead of the Jone's, living in a small town just isn't as realistic as it once was and I think there is something really magical about following this transformation.  


As part of this project I hope to interview and meet with citizens in these towns, hear their stories and in some small way help to possibly preserve the life that they have lived.  In no way am I planning or hoping for this to be a book or anything larger than what it will be--2 photographers learning about small town life and making a small effort to bring light to a disappearing aspect of Americana.   


All that being said, I hope very much to take suggestions from my readers as to what small towns would be a great visit on this project.  Obviously finding a place that classifies as a "town" at under 100 people might be a difficult feat, but if you happen to know of a great spot or a cool story that we should be sure to check out, please get in touch!