Stephanie & Jeff. A New Orleans Pop Up Wedding!

What do you get when you combine a really in love couple, one of the oldest trees in the city of New Orleans, 20 of their closest friends and family and some really fantastic wedding day clothing? The New Orleans Pop Up Wedding, of course!

Stephanie and Jeff flew into their favorite city, New Orleans, from Chicago a few days before their wedding at the Tree of Life in Audubon Park.  Stephanie patiently dealt with my nervousness about the weather (the forecast was calling for thunderstorms!), and insisted we move forward with the Pop Up under the Tree of Life--thank goodness I listened to her--the weather was perfect, the setting was perfect, the whole thing was just lovely.  

First and foremost, is the fact that Jeff and Stephanie are really nice uber nice. And calm.  And very peaceful.  Their relaxed and genuine personalities made the whole Pop Up flow.  Amy, our stylist, had worked really hard to get all the details right from the flowers for the day to the picnic basket to special little touches that only Stephanie and Jeff would really know how important they were----for example, Stephanie and Jeff have a cat, Flapjack, who couldn't be at the ceremony (obviously), so she integrated some details into Stephanie's bouquet as a nod to Flapjack.  

Stephanie and Jeff wrote the entire ceremony themselves, including some readings by their friends and heartfelt personalized vows.  Also Stephanie made the adorable flower girl's dress and she made rings for everyone to wear during the ceremony--there was a lot of thought and personalization here and it was really lovely to witness.  After the Pop Up, we did some quick family photos and some shots with Stephanie and Jeff and off they went, a legally married couple, to enjoy a dinner with friends and family in the city.  Congratulations Stephanie and Jeff! You did a Pop Up just perfectly! It was such an honor to work with both of you!

--Emily, Ian and Amy