New video + "Prostitutes Everywhere"

A few months ago, before we left for our road trip, we had a great weekend with our friend Nick Cavalier who came out to Grand Haven to spend some time in our little lake house and also to make a video for Emily Alt Photography.  

Nick is a mega talented filmmaker and it was absolutely great to spend some time with him (even though this was during the time when I had the plague illness that would not quit).  He also made us an unreal meal of Italian goodness that not only warmed my soul but also led to a wonderful night of long conversation and friendship.

This past week, he sent along the final copy and it's great!  Yes, I do use the term "prostitutes everywhere" to describe the Pop Ups, but besides that, I think it's a pretty great reflection of this business and the work that we do.

Thanks so much, Nick--for making me look not quite as crazy as I am and for your mad skills. Oh...wait, and for your AMAZING homemade pasta and sauce..  You rock.  For real.