2014 Best Of and Recap (and I'm Back to Blogging)

Well! I'm back! Many of you might have noticed how quiet the block has been over the past few months.  It's true, I have very much lost my blogging momentum once the school year started---apologies, loyal blog readers! But never fear, I am back! I have a lot of cool ideas for the blog floating around in my brain and also some big news and changes coming to Watassa this year, and I hope to use the blog as a place to reveal these changes.  The first thing I want to share, though, is this brief recap of the awesome weddings we've had a chance to photograph this past year.  I think I have all or almost all the weddings we captured, but I'm sure I'll realize I forgot on here and will need to update this in a day or so.  Clicking on each of the pictures will give you a little caption about of the weddings written in that adorable "Emily voice" that I know you have missed so much.

Either way, stay tuned--I'll be doing a blog post this week as well about all the best moments of travel over the past 2014 year! Until then, enjoy!