Life Update. A Break in the Blog Break.

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So, I know I said I wasn't going to blog at all until January 2, but some things have happened in the past few days and I have had lots of people asking me lots of questions about our plans for travel, when we're leaving West Michigan, our Airstream, etc, so I figured a blog post might be a great way of getting the information out to folks.

First things first, thank you for all who have asked----Tasha is ok.  She had a rough couple days, but she is just fine and resting quietly next to me as I type.

Here's the brief story--2 weeks ago on Wednesday night Ian and I were en-route to Chicago to catch a morning flight to Asheville, NC to shoot our last wedding of 2013.  It was going to be a quick trip--into Asheville Thursday and back Sunday to West Michigan.  About an hour out of Grand Rapids, we got a call from my in-laws who were watching Tasha telling us that Tasha had gotten loose from the backyard and had gone exploring--they had found her, but her front leg was injured and we should probably come back.  

I immediately panicked (seriously, this entire situation has emphasized to me that I am 1) a little too attached to this dog and 2) probably not the calmest of people in a medical emergency) and we headed back towards Grand Rapids--when we got to our parents' house, Tasha was resting, but, because she was injured, wouldn't let them pick her up--we got in there, scooped her up (biting be damned) and off we went to the emergency vet clinic where they confirmed that yes, her right front leg was fractured, and yes, it did need surgery and yes, it was going to be a gigantic bill.  Gulp.

It should be noted that we were also offered the option of amputating her leg.  For pretty much the same cost as the surgery.  

At this point it's about 11pm and we had a flight out of Chicago at 8am the next morning. We had to get to North Carolina as we had a meeting with our couple on Thursday and shoots on Friday--cancelling this trip wasn't an option.  So, we made the decision to have Tasha go into surgery in the morning, we would get up at 3am to drive to Chicago and we headed back to my mom's house to get a couple hours of sleep before we had to get up to drive.  

All this being said--Tasha's surgery went very well and she did great.  The surgeon called to tell us that it was a very bad break, but she felt really good about the results and Tasha would be ready to come home in a couple days.  While we were in NC shooting the wedding, it was a lot of phone calls back and forth to Michigan about Tasha's transition home--my mom and sister were going to care for her (it should be noted, though, that my mom also just go out of massive surgery and was also supposed to be in full recovery mode)--my sister was totally a lifesaver here.  

When we finally got home late on Sunday night after flying standby in Asheville, we found a very limpy Tasha with a huge bandage and staples in her shoulder.  She was enormously happy to see us, as we were her, and though she is taking her antibiotics very resistantly, she is on the mend and will hopefully be back to normal in 8 weeks. In the meantime, it's bed rest except to go to the bathroom--no excessive walking, no stairs, no playing, nothing except sleep and petting. 

So, where does that leave us? Well, we had originally planned to leave to go back to South Carolina for a month on January 12.  However, the vets are all recommending Tasha not travel until her cast is off at the end of February.  And we don't travel unless she is by our side--that's a given.

So, her immobility coupled with a very, very large vet bill for surgery we did not anticipate, has caused us to rethink our winter plan.  While we haven't totally confirmed it yet, at this point it is looking like we will be in Grand Haven through the end of February, and, once Tasha heals, we will head back on out on the road.

At first this was super disappointing to us, but at the end of the day, the last few stressful weeks have really taught us a few things--

1) We are mainly just glad she is ok--having a broken leg, while it sucks, didn't kill her and she has a great attitude about it all.

2) Being home and around family and friends who are willing to drop everything to help you out is pretty great.

3) A quiet winter in a quiet beach town with a snowboarding park in the backyard and 1 restaurant that stays open past 8pm is just fine for us.  

Honestly, I think we're both (well, all 4 of us--Ian, myself, Tasha and the new coonhound, Ruth Ann) are all looking forward to some quality R and R.  We have some projects to work on and a few items on a to-do list to take care of.  

It's super quiet here in Grand Haven--We're pretty much the only people living on our street currently with the exception of the problematic neighbor two doors down, a couple of winter renters up the hill and our former assistant principal who lives 3 doors away, and it's really lovely being here.  Tasha spends most of the day sleeping and Ruth Ann, who is currently being fostered by my sister until Tasha heals up, matches her in sleeping.  We've been filling our days going for super long walks in the woods (without Tasha, sadly, as this is her absolute favorite time of the year), constantly wearing YakTrax, drinking red wine, watching lots of documentaries, reading books--life is quiet, but simple, and while we know we'll be back on the road soon and back to our little Airstream life, for now, for today, this life is good too.

Happy New Year, all!