Rock the Dress. Juli and Trains!

A few months ago, I gave away a Rock the Dress (ie Trash the Dress, but "Trash" sounds so violent and mean!) and Juli was the lucky winner.  She was a bit reluctant at first because she didn't want to ruin her dress--I totallllly understand! I had NO interest in throwing paint at her or making her get in the water and I actually think those types of Trash the Dress sessions are sort of sad....I'm not overly sentimental, but I would't want to totally ruin my wedding dress and it sounds like Juli didn't either.  So I calmed her right down and said we could do a Rock the Dress session which is more like a fun fashion shoot and her dress would still look nice and pretty at the end (and it did!)

 We met up at the Coopersville train lot area a few weeks ago on a gorgeous September evening and had a great time rocking the dress--Juli was a born model and she did a great job taking direction and coming up with her own ideas, while I got a chance to geek out over the light and industrial feel of the buildings.  

And let me just say that I am going to need to shoot a LOT more of these sessions, so ladies, if you have a wedding dress and you want to play in it, get in touch (form at bottom of this post, once you've reveled in the pretty).  I'm promoting Trash/Rock the Dress sessions for only $150 this month! Seriously.  It's awesome.  I know you'll have a great time--and look, you don't even need to trash your dress--hers still looks fabulous!

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SWEET! It's going to rock!