kauai. poke. 12 letters. barbie the pig. surf zone.


About two months before Christmas this year, my husband Ian and I started having the "What are we going to do for the holidays this year?" conversation.  Our holidays tend to be a little tricky--my parents are divorced and his parents, while still married, live in the same town as my parents.  Which sounds like it would be awesome...but it actually makes things a little complicated because we end up feeling a little pulled in several different directions trying to ensure we see all the people who are special to us.  Plus, we were both starting to feel a pretty intense travel bug (we are globetrotters, for sure) and were realizing that we might not have a chance to do a prolonged trip for quite sometime with my weddings this summer and his business obligations.  So, we started to talk seriously about traveling at Christmas.  At first we thought we'd go to Italy with our good friends Sarah and Danny, but after looking at plane ticket costs, we reconsidered.  Then we thought New Orleans would be fun...but it didn't seem "cool" enough. Fast forward one week--20 degrees outside, the first drops of snow/rain coming through Chicago, slippers on feet, Sunday night blues setting in hard, watching an episode of No Reservations Hawaii and while Anthony Bourdain was tasting his first bite of fresh poke, I rolled over on the couch and said, "Well, we could just go to Hawaii." And with that, it was settled--off to Hawaii (more specifically the island of Kauai) for Christmas 2012.  

We departed on Christmas Eve and returned stateside on January 4.  Now, we have traveled a lot over the 11 or so years we've been together.  This trip, though, took the cake.  I'm willing to say it might even have been better than our adventures in Asia--maybe.  Beyond the great time we had, though, it also reinforced to us a few things--1) we love traveling 2) we do it really well 3) we'd much rather spend our money on travel than on a mortgage or a baby.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but basically a few nouns/adjectives to sum the 2 weeks up: sunshine. fresh fruit. ahi tuna. surfing. hiking. midnight silence. horses in fields. never-ending rainbows. a pig named Barbie. 1987 Turbodiseal Mercedes rental car. waterfalls. rainforests. leaves twice the size of your head. 8 foot waves. amazing.