Do it Right: A Practical Guide to a Pop Up Wedding.

A few weeks ago, we threw Katie and Kenn a Pop Up wedding in Santa Fe.  It was absolutely fantastic.  But a huge part of what made it so fantastic was how Kenn and Katie approached the day--they did it alllllll the right way.  So, I asked Katie to come up with 5 words of advice/wisdom for future Pop Up couples to help make sure that their day goes just as smoothly--here is her advice in her wonderful voice.  Thanks so much, Katie for writing this up and to both you and Kenn for being so unbelievably lovely. 


The Five Things Every Couple Should Know To Make Their Pop Up Wedding Even More Awesome


Well look at you!  You’ve taken the plunge, made the best decision of your life, and are diving right in.  That’s right, you’ve decided to have the coolest, most unique wedding ceremony ever and do a Pop Up Wedding.  Congratulations!  It’s only going to get better from here. 


Having done this myself (best…day…ever), here are some handy tips that just might help make the day even more fun, if that’s possible.


Know What You Want.

We knew right away what kind of ceremony we wanted and how we wanted it to be done.  I already had my dress, my own flowers (but Emily’s are GORGEOUS, so don’t pass those up), and who we wanted to officiate (Ian rocks, so, again, you can’t lose with him officiating), so just know what you want going into this thing.  Super casual with just a couple of friends?  More fancy with the full twenty?  You cannot lose with whatever you choose, but make a choice and go with it.  Not only will it help you with your plans, but it will help Emily and Ian as well.  They want this to be the best day ever for you and knowing the type of ceremony you want is the first thing you need to figure out.


Know Your Crowd.

Once you decide what you want in terms of a ceremony, then you have to decide who you want to be there to celebrate this amazing day with you.  We both have large families so it was impossible to have everyone there, so we went with immediate family only and our closest friends.  But we did take a moment to make sure that the people we were celebrating with were all basically on the same page.  We wanted a relaxed, fun, loving vibe, and we were lucky to be surrounded by the same type of people.  Just one person can easily throw off a small crowd, so have the people there that will make the day wonderful and supportive of YOU.


Give Your Guests Guidance.

It’s totally fun to just send a “We’re Having a Pop Up Wedding” invitation and have people show up for whatever is going to happen, but you really don’t want to do that.  Oh definitely send out the super fun invitation, but also provide a little information as well.  We had our Pop Up in Santa Fe but none of us lived there (we lived in Albuquerque but had people coming from all over), so we needed to provide things like directions to the wedding site, what time to arrive, what the overall feel of the ceremony would be, and to bring chairs if they wanted to sit.  We actually rented chairs and just had a point person bring them and set them up quickly, but you might have a different vision for your day and want people surrounding you in a big hug.  These are the things your guests need to know and they’ll thank you for it.  We also let them know that we were going to feed them after the show and would have more information at the ceremony site.  Including this with your invites is not only nice for your guests, but will also help you in the long run because it will cut WAY down on the emails and phone calls from people wanting to know all the other details.  Additionally, we had an “informational brochure” for our guests when they arrived.  This included everything they needed to know about the Pop Up, including who was in the bridal party, asking people not to photograph the ceremony, and what to expect afterward.  It was super cool and a HUGE help for everyone.


Have a Mother Ship.

Since we didn’t live in the town where the Pop Up was being held, we rented out a house and had several family members and a few out of town friends stay there.  It was much more cost effective to rent a house or casita instead of getting hotel rooms and our other friends found casitas within walking distance of where we were staying, so we could all use our little compound as a home base but still have our own space.  Even if you do live in the same town as your Pop Up, it’s still a good idea to have a central location for everyone to meet up and be together after the ceremony is over.  We hired a food truck to feed our guests and it was the best idea ever.  No worries, no clean up, and the kitchen just packs up and rolls on out of there.  Or just order pizza and ice down some yummy beer and enjoy.  It’s all about the fun and the love.  The food just makes it funner.


Respect and Love Your Photographers



Emily an Ian have created a magical and amazing experience and you just need to go with it and love and respect what they’re doing.  This really is a labor of love and they REALLY want you to have a fantastic day.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Work as a team.  And remember, they’re on your side.  The last thing they want is for you to have a horrible wedding.  But you also have to remember that it’s a Pop Up Wedding.  It’s an hour long, not a whole day.  It’s spontaneous, fun, different, and totally unique, and that’s what makes it so cool.  Oh, and something will go wrong.  You might screw up your vows, or the ceremony won’t go exactly as planned, or you might drop your ring (happened here!), and that’s the beauty of it.  LIFE isn’t perfect, so don’t expect your ceremony to be, either.  Some of those imperfect moments can be the absolute best moments of all, so just know that going in.  The most important thing to remember is you’ll be married to the person who’s perfect for you.  And you’ll have some kick ass pictures and some super cool stories to tell your friends and families later.  It was the best decision we ever made and I think you’ll agree, too.