Balance and Breath.

Ok--so the last time I did any sort of personal post on this blog was so long ago I can't even find it in the archive. I have been literally out of my mind busy for the past few weeks--most because...I got a teaching job! Woo hoo!  

I went for months without seeing any postings that fit my skills and then, in the matter of 1 day, I had 4 offers for 4 very great jobs!  It was incredibly difficult to decide, but I ended up going with my gut and taking a job at a larger high school in Grand Rapids.  I'm only 4 days into the job (we started last Tuesday), but thus far I can say I made the right choice--it's been absolutely fantastic.

That means, though, that photography has also suffered a bit. Truthfully I just don't have it in me to work 10 hour days teaching and then come home and edit for hours on end, respond to emails and voicemails and keep this blog as up to date as I would like. So, I hired an editing assistant (she's fantastic) and I've put all future bookings on hold through the end of October--no weddings or family sessions until I've made it through the busy September we have for ourselves and I'm feeling a bit more in control.  I definitely am not shutting down Watassa, or anything dramatic like that, but I do need to find some balance, and part of that balance means not taking even more food onto an already very, very, very full plate. I'm staying super committed to focusing on my 2014 and 15 booked clients right now and giving their weddings as much attention as I can--I am putting a hold on booking further 2015 clients until late October.  Hopefully that will allow a bit of time to slow down and assess where I want to see Watassa going into 2015 and beyond. 

I'll also have to slow down a bit on posting for the next few weeks. I just don't have the time right now to do it all well, so some things will have to go by the wayside.  I appreciate all of you who have sent congratulations texts and notes to me--it's been a total whirlwind--one I feel great about, but also one I haven't really had time to process quite yet.

In the meantime, thank you so much. Have a fantastic few weeks and don't go too far, I'll be back to my normal posting daily self soon--I hope.