Kelsey and Patrick: A Leelanau Elopement with a Storm Brewing.

Kelsey and Patrick love adventure. They love to hike together, camp together, explore together and enjoy the outdoors together.  But more than any of this, they love each other. 

So it only seemed natural for them to elope, mere moments before a torrential rainstorm on the Leelanau Peninsula in September.  We planned an elopement with Kelsey's mom as the officiant, me as the photographer, and while we ran all around the County after the ceremony, attempting to dodge the storm, but still get some great photos, it made for a wonderful exciting and lovely evening elopement.  As we finished our final shots in Fishtown, we headed into the Riverside Inn for the evening and the skies opened up. Phew! Thank you so much to all the family for trusting in the process---it went smashingly!

Congratulations, Kelsey and Patrick!

Venue: Glen Have Beach/Sleeping Bear Point, Leelanau County.

Dinner: Riverside Inn