Sheryl and Steve's Leelanau County Elopement.

Sometimes when you plan an elopement, and you hope for the best weather in the world, you just don't luck out.  Such was the case with Sheryl and Steve. Despite our most intense hoping and finger crossing and praying to the weather gods, we just ended up with rain.  That happened RIGHT at the schedule time of the ceremony and sort of ended RIGHT when we departed for the night. Wah, wah, wah. But, despite the wet weather, Sheryl and Steve did not let that damper their celebration in the least.  They had the most positive attitude and kind hearts, and as they and their guests made a mad dash for the Maritime Museum on Glen Haven Beach, we all found ourselves laughing as I said, "What did you guys do this weekend?".  

Originally, Sheryl and Steve had planned to hold their ceremony at a piece of land they own in Empire.  But with the rain, we made the decision to head to the covered porch at Maritime, and we had the place to ourselves, overlooking an angry, but beautiful Lake Michigan.  With just a few of their closest family members, Sheryl and Steve said their vows as the rain spit around us, and we all shivered through the portraits.  It was warm, though, in our hearts and certainly an adventure.  My BIGGEST thanks go to Sheryl and Steve and their guests for being so accomodating and willing to "roll with it." This summer, I hope we can meet up again for some more relaxed photos with some sunset light.  I always say to couples that the most important thing about weddings is that at the end of the day you're married--and that is exactly the focus that Sheryl and Steve kept during the whole day.  They focused on their love and their family and their joy--and it turned out just lovely.