Teach Them How to Say Goodbye. Goodbye to My President.

"It is rare where a piece of art can remind us of what is best in ourselves.  And that is a great  gift. And with that, we know how to say goodbye.”--President Obama


Man, this upcoming week is going to be tough--this will be the week I (and many of the people I hold close) prepare to say our goodbyes to our President; President Obama will leave office on Friday, January 20, 2017 and (assuming history continues to repeat itself) he will be replaced by a man who is a know sex offender, mysognist, racist and bigot as the most powerful man in the world.

Rather than dwelling on this, I've got to figure out a way to see the positives here....though right now, I'm not sure what those are, exactly.  One thing I do know is that this video of Chris Jackson and Lin Manuel Miranda performing One Last Time from Hamilton for President and Mrs. Obama a few months ago gave me some hope. I'll write a longer post about what the Obama years meant to me soon, but for now, revel in these men's voices and in the possibility of hope and promise in our shaky world.