My Week in Items.

I've been remiss on blogging lately, so here are a few pictures of what's going on over here on Pleasant Street and how we're spending the winter.  You are warned: iphone friendly here, folks.

Also, is it ever going to warm up?

And, yet again, no serrrriously, when is it Spring?

1. This garlic spread--yes, this is garlic spread. It is unreal.  I found it at Art of the Table last week and it was FREE (still very unclear as to why) and I took it hope and we have scarped the jar clean in 7 days.  Also, I'll be honest--I've made this before via the Splendid Table website and while yes, it was lip-smacking good, this jar above is sort of beyond words good.  




2. Paper whites everywhere --here there and everywhere throughout the house and the classroom. It's a tiny bit of green that makes me feel as though we might eventually get to those warm weather moments.  In the meantime, the freshness of these tiny buds doesn't fail to amaze and I really actually enjoy it when at least 5 students a day ask, "Are these onions?" of the bulbs.

3. New, patterned, clean sheets--I know I wrote about it earlier, but there is nothing like fresh sheets.  And mixing and matching all versions of light and bright is simply lovely.


4. This candle--If it has to feel like winter, at least it can smell like Christmas.  

5. This blanket--Cause it's from Jim Harrison's former farm in Northern Michigan and I bought it for an embarrassing bargain in mid-July, even though Ian was saying, "Are you SURE we need more wool blankets?" The answer is always yes. Always. 


6. This Art Prize entry--I used it in my final exam for students and the conversations and discussions this sparked during their oral presentations were absolutely awesome, terrifying, inspiring and thought-provoking.  

7. This dog--For those of you who don't know, this is Tasha. She is, hands down, without a doubt, my best friend in the world and there is not even an ounce of me that feels silly saying that.  She makes it all better and uses pillows like a human. Best girl in the world.