What's in My Bag: 135mm.

photo (29).jpg

Today I'm going to talk a little about one of my favorite lenses: the Canon 135 mm F/2.0 L.  

I bought this lens thinking it would be just a lens I used now and then--I didn't really know a whole lot about it, I just figured it was a great deal and I might as well buy it and see.  Wow.  Am I glad I did.  I LOVE this lens.  I use it constantly in the reception at weddings--it allows me to get rock solid portraits without having the lug around that hefty 70-200 all night.  And, since it's a fairly small lens on the camera, most folks don't realize I'm catching all their candid glory as I lay back on the wall and click away.   

I've also started bringing it to my Amour sessions and engagement sessions--it gives the couple some space and lets me get pretty far away--lets them be on their own with one another and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about me being up in their face.  Sometimes in smaller venues, I'll have Ian use this during the ceremony while I use the 70-200.  I know it's supposed to take the place of the 70-200, but my still really calls for me to get up close on my couples, so I don't feel I can let the big guy go yet. Regardless, I love this lens and I'm super excited to play with it this Fall more and more--it's just so so pretty!