Run before Internet


Working for myself has been a huge adjustment from the past 12 working years of my life—when I was teaching, everything was on a very set schedule—wake up at 4:45am, get to school at 6:15, teach from 8am-3:15pm, leave around 4:30pm and either go directly to the gym or to yoga, home by 7, dinner, photography work til 10ish, back to bed.  Everything was mapped out and deviating from this schedule wasn’t really an option and admittedly, a huge part of me loved that structure—I’m definitely a structure type of girl.  I get anxiety when things are out of place in terms of time (just ask Ian how I react when he is 20 minutes late…it ain’t pretty, folks), so working for myself has really changed the way I think about time and approach the day.  I’m still figuring it all out, but one thing that I need to get in line is my workouts. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m pretty serious about being active. I train for and run about 6-8 half marathons a year, I swim a lot, practice lots of hot yoga and in general try to move quite a bit throughout the day.  When we decided to move back to Michigan, I was really excited because I knew that this would mean I would have more access to the outdoors and hiking, biking, running, walking, swimming would be much more a part of my life than it had been in Chicago.  However, I’ve also found that I am way too tied to my computer and before I know it, entire hours will pass in the morning without me getting in my morning run or swim.

So, starting today (and I’m blogging about it to make sure it happens!) I am vowing that I will run, walk, yoga or swim before I turn on my computer in the morning.  I’m calling this (get ready, really creative title here) Run before Internet.  I am a huge fan of setting goals and deadlines for myself, so this is just another little deadline.  And, I would like to note, I am abiding by this already.  This morning I did a 6 mile run and 30 minutes of yoga practice, then made breakfast, and THEN I got on the internet to blog this.  Boom.