LGBTQ Weddings for ALL of 2017. Free.

I spent some time today reading the President Elect's tweets.  I literally could not tell you why I did that. I guess I wanted to fall further into a spiral of depression as I witnessed from his fingers what he believed was the future of our country.  Afterwards, I felt ill.

And then I felt that horrible feeling again: Powerless.

I can only resist this administration in so many ways, and I certainly do not have the ability to change its agenda, but I can change my business.

For the entire 2017 calendar year, I will be offering FREE LGBTQ weddings and elopements and portraits and really anything else that you might want me behind a camera for.

Yes, free. I do not anticipate this impacting my bottom line all that much, but even if it did, it would be WORTH IT.

If a couple lives out of state, I will request they pay for my travel costs, but otherwise, it's free. 

It is the least I can do. 

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